Product Description

UniRac SolarMount Preassembled Mid Clamp – Size D-K > 1 Unit

Size: D-K
Finish: Dark Anodized
Manufacturer Part Number: 302029D

For module thickness between 38mm-41mm (1.50in-1.57in)

Select top mounting clamps if you prefer to install modules after securing the footings and the rails. This sequence is especially well suited for flush mounting.

Includes appropriate T-Bolts or Hex Head Bolts and Flange Nuts.


Maximum Flexibility: Flush, high-profile, or low-profile configurations for all locations.
Ease of installation: Minimized penetration with longer attachment spans than comparable products.
Complete Technical Support: Installation and code compliance documentation.
Core component for Unirac mounting solutions: Incorporated into other major product lines.
Part Number Letter Module Thickness Bolt Length
302021C B 1.18″ – 1.26″
30mm – 32mm 2.00″
302022C C 1.34″ – 1.42″
34mm – 36mm 2.00″
302023C D 1.50″ – 1.57″
38mm – 40mm 2.25″
302026C K 1.54″ – 1.61″
39mm – 41mm 2.25″
302025C F 1.77″ – 1.85″
45mm – 47mm 2.50″
302024C E 1.97″ – 2.05″
50mm – 52mm 2.50″
Detailed Description

The World’s most Versatile PV Mounting System!

Unirac SolarMount top mounting clamps are ideal for flush mount applications, such as residential rooftops, where it is most convenient to secure footings and rails before installing modules. Top mounting clamps securely grip any point of the module frame, freeing you from the constraints of module mounting holes. Clamps are sized to the thickness of the PV modules you are mounting.

This component part is designed for Unirac rooftop or ground rack mounting of a solar panel system. UniRac SolarMount offers a fast and easy way to install a solar array. Top Down clamps facilitate rooftop assembly. An entire array can be fully installed and wired on the roof one module at a time.

SolarMount is the most versatile PV mounting rail system on the market today. Unirac has engineered installer-friendly components for maximum flexibility, allowing you to solve virtually any PV mounting challenge.