Product Description

UniRac 302029C > SolarMount Mid Clamp D-K > 1 Unit

Size: D-K
Finish: Clear Anodized
Manufacturer Part Number: 302029C
For module thickness between 38mm-41mm (1.50in-1.61in)

Select top mounting clamps if you prefer to install modules after securing the footings and the rails. This sequence is especially well suited for flush mounting.

Includes appropriate T-Bolts or Hex Head Bolts and Flange Nuts. Order 4 end clamps for each row of modules you plan to mount. Clamps are sized to the thickness of the PV modules you are mounting. These clamps fit size D (38 – 40 mm / 1.50 – 1.57 in. thick). Clear anodized aluminum finish.


Maximum Flexibility: Flush, high-profile, or low-profile configurations for all locations.
Ease of installation: Minimized penetration with longer attachment spans than comparable products.
Complete Technical Support: Installation and code compliance documentation.
Core component for Unirac mounting solutions: Incorporated into other major product lines.

Unirac Module Thickness Bolt Length
D 38 – 40 mm
1.50 – 1.57 in 2 1/2
K 39 – 41 mm
1.54 – 1.61 in 2 1/2
Detailed Description

The World’s most Versatile PV Mounting System!

Save time and money with SolarMount, the world’s most versatile PV mounting system. SolarMount is a central component of several of Unirac’s product lines.