Product Description

The Sunny Tripower range of three phase solar inverters provides a solution to suit various applications. With power classes ranging from 5kW to 12kW they can be used in residential applications up to small commercial as single units, they also work well as part of larger commercial systems when combined with a string of other units.

The Sunny Tripower range not only come with Bluetooth as standard but now also combine the Webconnect interface as standard allowing system owners to remotely monitor their system using the Sunny Portal. Other features such as OptiFlex and OptiTrac Global Peak provide maximum yield and some of the highest efficiency ratings in the industry. As well as a host of standard features the SMA Tripower range includes integrated grid management functions, reactive power control system and suitability for operation with a 20mA RCD.


• Maximum efficiency of 98%
• Shade management with OptiTrac Global Peak
• Active temperature management with OptiCool


• DC input voltage of up to 1,000V
• Integrated grid management functions
• Reactive power supply
• Module-tailored system design with Optiflex


• SMA Webconnect
• Sunny Portal communication
• Bluetooth® communication
• Simple country configuration
• Multifunction relay comes standard


• Three-phase feed-in
• Cable connection without tools
• SUNCLIX DC plug-in system
• Integrated ESS DC switch-disconnector
• Easily wall mounted


Built-in DC Isolator Yes
Communication Integrated
Country of Manufacture Germany
Dimensions (mm) 470 x 730 x 240
Phasing Three Phase
Power (Watts) 5000
Power Rating 4.1kW-6kW
SKU STP 5000TL-20
Weight (kgs) 37