Product Description

SolarWorld SW300 Plus Mono-5BB > 300 Watt Mono Solar Panel – Sunmodule Plus – 5-busbar – 4.0 Frame

33mm Clear 4.0 Frame, 60 Large-Format Cell Mono, 25A Fuse, 5BB

Model SW 300
Series Sunmodule Plus
Manufacturer SolarWorld

Type Mono
Dimensions 65.95 x 39.40 x 1.30
Weight 39.7 lbs
Frame Clear Anodized
Connector MC4

Watts (STC) 300 W
Max Power Voltage (VMPP) 31.6 V
Max Power Current (IMPP) 9.57 A
Open Circuit Voltage (VOC) 40.1 V
Short Circuit Current (ISC) 10.23 A
Max System Voltage (UL) DC 1000 V

Data Sheet SolarWorld SW300 Plus Mono-5BB
Warranty SolarWorld

10 Year product warranty
25 years, 80% output
Detailed Information

The SolarWorld Sunmodule Plus (SW300 MONO) solar panel comes with clear on black components. The Sunmodule Plus meets SolarWorld’s stringent quality standards and exceeds all industry standards and certifications. The SW300 MONO also carries SolarWorld’s 25-year linear warranty to guarantee maximum performance through the lifetime of your system, they’ve received 3rd party validation of their performance and reliability.

The Sunmodule Plus SW300 MONO delivers world-class quality, high system efficiency, and a 25 year linear performance guarantee with an extension of the products warranty to 10 years. The Sunmodule Plus’s modern appearance and quality design are built to last.

SW300 MONO has an optimized surface structure: The proprietary surface coatings and granular texture of the Sunmodule’s front glass create two effects: the reduction of the light reflected from the outside (air-glass interface) and the internal trapping of the light reflected from the solar cells in the module (light-trapping). These two effects combine to make an highly efficient and high performance PV module. SolarWorld Sunmodules have passed the most severe IEC 61701 salt spray test conditions proving their resistance to salty air which makes them ideally suited for installation in coastal area.


Every component is tested to meet 3 times IEC requirements
Designed to withstand heavy accumulations of snow and ice
Sunmodule Plus: Positive performance tolerance
25-year linear performance warranty and 10-year product warranty
Glass with anti-reflective coating
World Class Quality – Fully-automated production lines and seamless monitoring of the process and material ensure the quality that the company sets as its benchmark for its sites worldwide.
SolarWorld Plus-Sorting – Plus-Sorting guarantees highest system efficiency. SolarWorld only delivers modules that have greater than or equal to the nameplate rated power.
Stable and Secure Investment – SolarWorld guarantees a maximum performance digression of 0.7% p.a. in the course of 25 years, a significant added value compared to the two-phase warranties com¬mon in the industry, along with our industry-first 10-year product warranty.