Product Description

SMA Sunny Connection Unit 1000-US > SMA Tripower DC Connecton Unit

Order this item separately in addition to SMA Sunny TriPower 12000/ 15000/ 20000/ 24000TL-US-10 inverters, 600V & 1000V
(add 16 midget 1000VDC fuses)
The SMA Connection Unit is designed for use with the Sunny Tripower TL-US series and includes dual combiner box and disconnect functionality in one convenient housing. Fuse holders are provided for all input terminals, as required for string fusing with ungrounded arrays. This unit can be installed next to the inverter or remotely, allowing you to optimize the system design and maximize savings.


Model Connection Unit 1000-US
Series Sunny
Manufacturer SMA

Type Grid Tie
Enclosure NEMA 3R
Dimension 18.4″ x 15.7″ x 5.4″
Weight 22 lbs
Shipping Method Ground
Input (DC)

Max Voltage 1000 V
Number of input source circuits (strings)
8 (4 – 4)
Input Conductor Size
#12 to #6 AWG
Max Fuse Size
20 A
Output (DC)

Output Circuits
Output conductor size #8 to #2 AWG
Maximum rated continuous current / per output circuit
66 A / 33 A

Data Sheet SMA Connection Unit 1000-US
Warranty SMA

Easy to use
Accepts up to 8 string inputs
(maximum 4 per MPPT channel)
Quick and easy mounting
15° to 90° mounting angle range
Detachable DC Connection Unit
UL listed to 1000 VDC
Combiner box and disconnect functionality
15° to 90° mounting angle range
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Integrated reverse polarity indicator supports safe installation
Touch safe fuse holders